ECARX 7nm auto chip achieves tape

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    Beijing (Gasgoo)-SiEngine Technology, the joint venture between Geely-backed ECARX and ARM China, celebrated a successful tape-out of the company’s self-developed 7-nanometer auto-grade SoC, the DragonHawk One.

    ECARX 7nm auto chip achieves tape

    ECARX 7nm auto chip achieves tape-out, mass production starts next year

    Photo credit: SiEngine Technology

    The DragonHawk One 7-nanometer auto-grade high-computing-power multi-core heterogeneous intelligent cockpit chip was developed by over 300 engineers in over two years. The chip was tested up to the designed standards, marking the first time in China that a 7-nanometer SoC passing tape-out on the first try.

    According to SiEngine Technology, mass-production and vehicle application of the SoC will start next year.

    Notably, the DragonHawk One is built with an information security engine that conforms to the cryptographic algorithm standards by China’s Cryptography Standardization Technical Committee, fully up to the requirements of the Chinese auto market and users.

    The chip also conforms to the ASIL-D standard, achieving AEC-Q100 Grade 3 level, with solid CPU, GPU, VPU, ISP, DPU, DSP clusters, NPU, and corresponding LPDDR5 memory channel.

    Since its establishment, SiEngine Technology has been dedicated to developing all-scenario intelligent vehicle products, including smart cockpit SoC, autonomous driving SoC, and automotive CPU chips, pitching into the Chinese auto industry's self-sufficiency vision.

    ECARX and SiEngine Technology aim to cooperate with more automakers and Tier1 suppliers after the debut of the DragonHawk One.



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