China's heavy truck market to recover in Q2 '09

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    Shanghai, December 24 ( Chinese market demands of heavy-duty trucks will slow down next year overall, but with the government’s macro-economic control policy put into place, the heavy trucks industry will benefit and is expected to recover in the second quarter of 2009, said, citing industry insiders including Ma Chunji, president of Sinotruk.

    China's heavy truck market to recover in Q2 '09

    Ma was confidential that the market would be better in the second half of 2009 than that of 2008. He claimed Sinotruk would build up its confidence in further development and would be more determined to keep ahead of the industry.

    According to Ma, the global financial crisis has a big negative impact on China’s economy but meanwhile it also offers an opportunity for corporate restructuring in this market.
    To step up the restructuring of auto parts enterprises is beneficial for Sinotruk to make its technology progress and become more competitive.

    Sinotruk, the No.1 of China’s heavy-duty trucks maker, aims to guarantee both output and sales growth in 2009 to exceed this year’s, with heavy-duty trucks sales and output to reach 125,000 units and completed vehicles exports to hit 20,000 or even 25,000 units.

    The heavy-truck giant is making efforts to expand its market share by 3-5%.



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