BYD aims to double sales to 400,000 cars in '09

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    Shanghai, October 29 ( BYD Co said it is on course to reach 200,000-unit sales target set for this year and is planning to double this volume next year, a local Chinese newspaper reported.

    BYD aims to double sales to 400,000 cars in '09

    A source from the automaker told a Hunan-based newspaper that about 300,000 F3 and F0 cars are to be sold next year while the remaining sales will come from the F6 model.

    BYD achieved high in September with 23,500 cars sold. Its F0 ranked among the top ten brands by sales after the small car was launched to the market on September 2, with 10,059 units sold. Sales of F3 and F6 were 12,788 and 653 units respectively. BYD sales also ranked the top ten brands for the first time thanks to its F0 model.

    The company will soon begin selling its first electric hybrid car in China, and it is also set to ship it to Europe. It has signed up 10 distributors for its plug-in hybrid car in Europe ahead of its entry into that market in 2010, according to a Reuters report.



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天美传媒:BYD aims to double sales to 400,000 cars in '09