Acura '08 China sales up 107% to 2,898 units

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    Shanghai, January 14 ( Honda's luxury Acura brand defied the downturn in China's auto market in 2008 by selling 106.7% more units than the previous year, said Chinese media today. The three Acura models - RL, MDX and TL - had sold 2,898 units in total last year, over-fulfilling the year's sales target.

    Acura '08 China sales up 107% to 2,898 units

    In 2008, Honda launched two Acura models in China: the 2009 Acura RL and 2009 Acura TL in China's high-class car segment. The product upgrades, new model launch and network expansion have greatly boosted the Acura brand recognition in the Chinese market.

    Acura '08 China sales up 107% to 2,898 units

    In China's fast-growing SUV segment, the luxury Acura MDX has maintained its robust sales and has been the best-seller of the Acura brand. Last year, the Acura MDX SUV sold 2,139 units, up 119% from 2007. The Acura MDX SUV was designated as a VIP vehicle on many official occasions.

    Currently, three Acura models are available in the China market, priced between 400,000 yuan ($58,500) and 700,000 yuan. In China, Acura sold 1,402 units in 2007 and 2,898 units in 2008, with the Acura MDX, as luxury SUV, as the flagship model.

    Based on its good performance and strong confidence in the Chinese market, Honda Acura is expected to increase its China sales by 40% to 4,000 units this year.

    Acura dealers in China's mainland have more than doubled to nearly 30 by the end of last year and will rise to 50 by 2010.



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