BMW '08 China sales up 28% to 65,822 units

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    Shanghai, Jan 13 (Reuters) - BMW, the world's largest premium car maker, said on Tuesday it sold 28 percent more cars in mainland China in 2008, slowing from growth of 42 percent in 2007.

    BMW '08 China sales up 28% to 65,822 units

    Sales came to 65,822 units last year, up from 51,588 units in 2007, it said in a statement.

    Sales of BMW brands rose 27 percent to 62,688 units, including 35,163 BMW 3 Series and 5 Series cars made in mainland China. Sales of Minis jumped 43 percent to 3,134 units, it said.

    In the Greater China area, including mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong, BMW sold 75,355 vehicles in 2008, up 23 percent from a year earlier, it added.

    BMW operates a manufacturing venture with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd in the northern Chinese city of Shenyang.

    Car sales growth in China, the world's second-largest auto market, slowed to a single-digit rate last year for the first time in at least 10 years as consumer confidence waned with a slowing economy.

    The slowdown was particularly marked at General Motors Corp and Ford Motor Co, hurt in part by an aging product line-up.

    GM sold 6.1 percent more cars in China in 2008 compared with 12.5 percent growth at Volkswagen AG, its leading rival in the country, which rolled out a new Skoda Fabia, Lavida and other models last year.

    Ford's car venture in China reported a 5.9 percent decline in 2008 sales.

    Honda Motor posted 11.7 percent sales growth in China last year, while Toyota Motor Corp sold 17 percent more vehicles.



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